Nonlinear Optics and Photonics Laboratory

About Us

Nonlinear Optics and Photonics laboratory was formed in 2018 by the merging of 2 groups from the Laser Department-NILPRP;

Nonlinear and Information Optics Group (NIO)

Solid State Laser Laboratory (SSLL)

Expertise of the new group:

  • ¬†Photonic functionalities in nonlinear optical materials (light guiding by light – spatial soliton waveguides, all-optical light modulation, etc.);
  • Characterization methods: laser interferometry, laser spectroscopy, imaging techniques, morphological investigations, structural analyses, gas sensing platform, characterization and modeling of nonlinear optical processes (Z-scan/I-scan, wave-mixing, third-harmonic generation, pump-probe interferometry);
  • ¬†Materials processing with fs and ns laser sources: thin films, micro- and nano-structures, nanoparticles, additive manufacturing, and quantum dots;
  • Numerical simulations/codes using various softwares (RSoft, PIC, Optica).